One of Us, Fighting for Us!

Experience Expertise and Commitment
Towards the Community

Making Tangipahoa Cleaner, Safer, and Stronger!

One of Us

Don's unwavering commitment to our community is evident, as he has spent over two decades in the Ponchatoula-Bedico area, recalling the natural beauty of the land before the surge of subdivision growth. A staunch advocate for the environment, Don fights against litter and any industry that endangers our natural resources and our way of life. He is also a passionate proponent of strong families and community while being an ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment.  Don's multidimensional character makes him one of us, a cherished member of our community.


A person on wheelchair talking with people

Winning Together

Don has been an invaluable asset in our fight against litter, not just by talking about it but by actively issuing over a thousand citations and warnings while also conducting the clean-up of several roadside litter sites throughout Southeast Tangipahoa.

In addition, he stood up for the residents when manganese tainted the water, working with fellow commissioners to have filters installed at the Bedico well. Don's strong stance against the carbon capture project in Lake Maurepas highlights his unwavering commitment to protecting our drinking water supply from potential accidents for everyone in Tangipahoa Parish.

Together with Don as our Constable and Water District Board Commissioner, we are winning the fight to keep our community a great place to live.