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Championing the fight against drug addiction.
Championing the fight against drug addiction.

Drugs and Alcohol

Don's personal history with addiction has deeply influenced his law enforcement career. Despite never experiencing addiction himself, he has seen the devastating effects it can have on families and communities. Don's family has suffered greatly from addiction, with several members losing their lives to drug abuse. His father passed away from drug-induced lupus, and his cousin Keith was murdered trying to get drugs to feed his addiction. Keith's brother also died from a drug overdose caused by fentanyl-laced drugs. These experiences have driven Don to champion the fight against addiction and substance abuse throughout his law enforcement career.

Since beginning his career in New Orleans in 2003, Don has worked in various roles, including patrol, investigations, and administration. He was elected Constable in 2014, and he continues to work with other law enforcement agencies and entities to combat substance abuse and addiction. Don's personal experiences have given him a unique perspective on the issue and have inspired him to work tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by addiction.


Since being sworn in as Constable, Don has made it a top priority to fight against litter in Southeast Tangipahoa. He recognizes the negative effects that litter can have on the environment and human health. Litter can pollute the local waterways and natural habitats, causing harm to animals and plants. Don understands that this can lead to long-term ecological damage that can be difficult to repair. He also knows that litter can contain hazardous materials, such as chemicals or sharp objects, that can be dangerous to both people and animals.

Moreover, Don understands that litter can have a significant impact on human health. Litter can create unsanitary conditions, providing a breeding ground for bacteria and disease-carrying pests, such as rats and mosquitoes. This can lead to health problems for people who come into contact with these pests or contaminated areas.

Additionally, the visual pollution caused by litter can lead to a sense of neglect and decay, negatively affecting mental health and community pride. Don recognizes that litter can have economic consequences as well, such as reduced property values and decreased tourism. By fighting against litter in Southeast Tangipahoa, Don is working to improve the environment and the health and well-being of his community.


Safe Water

Don's actions to fight for filters to be installed at the Bedico water well were driven by his commitment to the health and well-being of the residents in the area. High levels of manganese in drinking water have serious negative effects on human health, including neurological symptoms and learning impairments in children. Manganese can also cause aesthetic problems, such as stains and metallic tastes, which can lead to decreased consumption and other health issues. Additionally, high levels of manganese can cause operational problems in water treatment systems, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. As a Board Commissioner on the Tangipahoa Water District Board, Don continues to work with his fellow commissioners to ensure the public water supply remains safe, healthy, and the best water in the state.

By advocating for the installation of filters, Don and his fellow commissioners on the Parish Water Board have taken proactive steps to ensure that the residents of Bedico and all of Tangipahoa parish have access to clean, safe drinking water. He understands the importance of monitoring and controlling manganese levels in drinking water to protect the health of the community.

As a result of the efforts of Don and his fellow board members, the water supply in Tangipahoa has been made safer, and Don's continued commitment to water quality will help ensure that the residents of Tangipahoa Parish have access to high-quality water for years to come.