Don’s Story

A Lifetime of Public Service

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Don Marshall was raised by his single mother, Karen, along with his younger brother, Randy, until Karen married Pierre when Don was 11 years old. The family then moved to the Atlanta area when Pierre's work was transferred there in the mid-80s. Don graduated from Douglas County High School in Douglasville, GA in 1989 and went on to enlist in the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged due to a service-connected disability.

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Don’s family moved to Firetower Rd. in Southeast Tangipahoa when his stepfather retired. While attending Coastal College driving academy in Hammond, LA, Don's biological father died on Magnolia Island from drug-induced lupus. In 2001, Don began pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana University. After his freshman year, he was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office and transferred to the University of New Orleans to complete his degree.

While Don was working as a Deputy Sheriff in Lafourche Parish, Hurricane Katrina devastated South Louisiana. Don volunteered to go to New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish to help rescue and evacuate the people who stayed to ride out the storm.

Don met his wife, Amber, in 2004, and they were married on January 6, 2007, at Holy Name of Mary Church in Algiers, LA. They had a son, Donnie, in November 2007, and a daughter, Lauren, in 2013. The family purchased their first home in March 2010, only a few miles from Don's parents on Firetower Rd.

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Don earned his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science in 2009 and his Master's in Public Administration in 2012. He was working on his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Political Science when he had to pause due to a health issue. Unfortunately, when he returned, budget cuts had eliminated the program. Amber earned her degree in Nursing and continues to practice as an ICU Nurse, working through the COVID-19 crisis.

In November 2014, Don was elected as Constable for the 8th Ward of Tangipahoa Parish and reelected in 2020. During his tenure as Constable, Tangipahoa Parish suffered three major floods. During each of the three floods, Don did not hesitate to get into the floodwaters and help his neighbors throughout southeast Tangipahoa.

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Don is now in his second year of law school at Southern University. In his free time, Don enjoys spending time with his family, studying history, following politics, and going to Disney World.